Thursday, May 12, 2011

StreetArt Versus Vandalism

There is a huge discussion going on: Is StreetArt vandalism, or is it art?

You may recognise this type of house from my blogpost 2 days ago - it is grafitti on the wall of a Nyboder House, a house specified as worthy of preservation. This IS vandalism in by book. Had this just been grafitti on a fence surrounding a construction site or perhaps a wall, on which the owner has encourage grafitti, then it would have been a different situation. But on a  house like this?! Vandalism, and so is tagging.

This is a electrical box, one of many all around the streets of copenhagen, some more rusty than others....and therefore some have made their boring tags on them...but look closer, there is something, that does not prevent the electricity company to access the interiour of this box, nor does it ruin what is inside. 

It is a sticker, something that has become quite a collector's item, as they do not last long on these boxes, nor is it the electricity company, who removed it. This is StreetArt to me, as they do not cause any vandalism, and is often a motif hunted by amateur photographers like me - have missed many photos thinking, "Oh I can manage to get home and fetch the good camera to capture this", but only to return and find it gone again - need to remember, that my phone is equipped with a fairly good camera.

The discussion is a hair thin line between right and wrong, and interpreted differently depending of the persons participating in the discussion.

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Yes it looks like art to me also! Your phone has a great camera, I would not know the difference?