Tuesday, June 21, 2011

But That's S***

If you are about to eat something, please put it aside for just one second (don't want you to loose your appetite)... cause what the birds did on my blogpost yesterday, might give you a hint... and just for once, no pictures is going to be on my post.....you will figure out why in a minute.

When I went in to the MS attack treatment a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a copy of the free patient magazine, Rask (translation: healthy), on the third day, as my eyes started to regain the normal state again. Found an article, that I had to read twice as it was about research. Research into an area that seem nasty, just by reading about faeces, but then realising that it is actually been done since the late 1950s.

Seems like they are researching about transplant of feaces in the intestinal system, as they believe that this can better situtations for people suffering from eg. MS, parkinsons... but then again some are rejecting it just like people are rejecting the CCVI (blod vein) treatment.....

There is a definate YUCK! factor, that people have to overcome.... I must admit, that I bit of a skeptic here, but then again I can not help think: What if something that is right in front of us offers some relief to a lot of diseases? Do we sometime forget, that Mother Nature actually offers a lot of natural medicines? In the dark ages a lot of people were burnt at the stake, because people were afraid of their insight to medicine - we do not burn them now, but we are often stilll reluctanct to believe.


Karen said...

I read about hook worm therapy for MS. You have to swallow hook worm eggs and they hatch in your intestines. Some people are trying it. Who knows?

Rosemary said...

Well, if it works then I guess society would have to get over the yuck factor. Look at the wound repair that has been achieved with the application of leeches. Who'd have thought it?