Friday, June 24, 2011

The Clock Is Loosing the Battle Against Time

BigBen 2009

The title is not mine, but borrowed from a free Sunday newspaper distributed nationwide locally.

More and more young people are skipping the wrist watch, as they are using their mobile phones to tell them time - a lot of teenagers consider the watch to be uncool. I still remember getting my first watch on my 7th birthday, and already then my wrist were so tiny, that it was hard ot get a watch strap that was small enough so it would not fall off my wrist.

When people buy a watch to their home, it is actually a clock - and most importantly: they need the clock to have a history. So going from being a household "gadget" to help keep track of the time, it needs to be decorative and unique and anything but digital, even though that would be a more accurate timekeeper.

Digital gadgets has taken over as storage of addresses, phonenumbers etc. and you do not have to remember a lot of things. Let's face it: How many of you can actually remember more than 5 phonenumbers without looking them up in your phone's directory?

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Anne-Marie said...

Well, let me tell ya.....I can recite dozens of phone numbers without a flaw....I was GPO trained in the 70's....just can't remember who they belong to, LOL!