Friday, June 10, 2011

MS Showed Its Ugly Head Again

Garguyle from Barcelona, Spain.

Some of you might have been wondering, why I have not commented any of your blogposts the past 2-3 weeks, as new posts were published on my own blog. The latter is thanks to the ability to preschedule posts, as I was in a writing mode a couple of weeks ago.

My absence was due to an MS attack - first one in more than 3 years (definately a progress as the old medicine caused a LOT of them) - so I decided to pull the plug from the internet etc for a while to recover in my own paste. My left eye and leg were affected, but once again I managed to discover the signs very early - the doctors expect full recovery from these sign, but only time will tell - and have to be patient. Was off work for a week (sick leave) to get the attack treatment at the local hospital. HATE the metallic taste of that medicine but LOVE the good effect of the medicin despite  the 3 days where the attack medicine was administered: it was only sleepy time 3 hours per day and then it was sleepy time for 2 days in a row, and now it seems almost back to normal.

My arms shows clear signs of the treatment: my body just spot a needle, and I get the BIGGEST blue mark ever...they could not get the IV unit in properly, so it took them 5 attempts, before they got it right - I am wearing a bandage still on the arm to hide the blue marks, as it is summer clothes time here and wearing a long sleeved blouse is not an option, if you have trouble with too much heat because of the MS. And there is a "little" thing that needs to be added here: in the wake of the treatment I got tonsillitis :o(

So now I am slowly getting back to normal days and catching up on a lot of things. There are going to be a myriad of posts from me in the new future, as so much is happening in my city, so lot of pictures etc to be taken and shared. Within the next month a 2½ week summer vacation is calling - no travel plans yet, but the timing seems to be excellent.

Did a little knitting while at the hospital as this did not stress the affected eye - this gave me the sense that I could still do something. You learn to appreciate the smallest things in situations like these. My mood/spirit is actually surprisingly good despite that I just had an MS attack, and this is  due to the wondering doctors who is amazed how well/fast my body reacts to the treatment. That can only be a good sign, or??? 


Birdie said...

Legs, you don't know how happy I am for you and to hear from you! You never cease to amaze me and how your wonderful outlook on life never diminishes. Will wait patiently for you as health comes first and foremost, friend.

Peace Be With You said...

I am so sorry you had a flareup, but relieved it is passing. Rest up, refresh, and come back when you are able.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear that MonSter paid you another visit. I am glad to hear that the treatment has helped. Keep up your good spirits and take time to rest. Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

Anne-Marie said...

Listen to your body and take one day at a time, that's the only way, my friend. So glad you are in good spirits...half the battle won, then, lol. x