Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nobody Cleaned My Kitchen....

...neither my bathroom....sigh :o(

Picture of my fridge

30 years with out cleaning of the ventilation system..... whops... and Tuesday the building has requested help to rectify the situation. I asked the building super prior to Tuesday, if it was going to be messy. The answer was a clear "No", because the building he lives in, had just had the same done and it was not messy at all.

Therefore I only removed everything made of fabric, toothbrush and other personal items, since it was not going to be messy.

But it was messy!!!! They left my kitchen and bathroom fully covered in 1-3 mm of black dust, and I even found it inside my kitchen cabinet. I should have know, when I heard a loud "Whooops!!!".. followed by a loud laughter "Wow look at it, it has never done that before!! Did you see it?!"..... Well I saw the consequence 1 hour later...and realised that I faced several hours of cleaning........... I hate cleaning!!!

Demanding day at work, followed by unplanned cleaning and I was ready to go to bed early, since all my strenght was totally drained


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Whew, several hours of cleaning. That is tough...Hope you can do it.

Rosemary said...

I'm sorry, that's terrible and instead of them laughing they should have helped. I hate cleaning too, but that would annoy the bejeebers out of me.