Sunday, June 26, 2011

Naming of a Little Girl

Today, I will attend the christening of a little girl, so she formally gets her name. It is going to be in a lcoal German church, hence the ceremony being partly in Danish and partly in German.

Knowing that her parents are not too keen on pink, and that they know, that I have a little thing for rubber ducks, I decided making a card, that would hint about who created it.

Used some of the duck buttons I found at Stof2000 a while ago, placed around a photo, that I printed and added just a a tone of pink COPIC. The photo I shot a while ago of a duck figurine, that is owned by one of my friends, kinda like creating my own design paper or? When writing this, I notice that it seems like the duck is ready to pop out of the paper, a 3D illusion I guess, because this card is flat - except for the buttons.

Once again finished last minute, but the outcome was better than I imagined when starting working on it :o)


Birdie said...

It really does look as if it's going to get off the card and find the nearest pond. Impressive depth!

Anne-Marie said...

Your photography is excellent...agree with our Birdie on the stunning effect...beautiful card!