Wednesday, June 15, 2011

World Wide News Clippings

What happened to the days, where there were less meat on the plate and more vegetables? Meat was expensive, so you had to add a lot of vegetables or bread to the meat so make sure, that you got some energy.

These days vegetables have become more pricy, and often if you want to have some taste (other than the watery taste in tomates and cucumbers - locally that is usually the imported goods that has to ripen during transport) you have to buy local/organic produce.

The tendency of buying much more prefabricated food and super size-mentality when it comes to fastfood has unfortunately resulted in a staggering rise in the number of obese people. The US government have therefore launched the ChooseMyPlate campaign, as obesity often causes ilness, that is also a huge expense for the society. Hopefully this new campain will help fuel a better awareness about food.

I can not help thinking about Mireille Guiliano's book "French Women Don't Get Fat", where she encourage people not to multitask while eating as this often enhanses the taste of the food and actually gives you the sense of being full. That works for me, as my favouite pizza now lasts 2 meals instead of 1 - and it is the only pizza I have found to be good cold-the-day-after.

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I know veggies are pricey! The plate is good to me?? Yep keep moving:)