Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gifts For A Little Boy

Recently one of my friends gave birth to a baby boy. Hearing the news I remembered about some yard laying idle in my appartment and decided to create a gift for him.

First was an "army" cap in MERINO PRINT yarn (cotton) in bluish colours inspired by a pattern in a knitting supplement to one of the weekly Danish women's magazines...however instead of knitting the edge, I chose to crochet it, as the knitting of the edge is a bit of a hazzle.


Second was a sweater, that I wanted to make in a more neutral color, so chose the natural white LIVORNO yarn and following a pattern from the knitting magazine, KreativStrik (translates to: CreativeKnitting) - I took me a while to find just the right buttons for the sweater, but opted for these small wodden bears.

Most of the knitting was done during the recent MS attack, as watching tv was only possible in very limited amounts, and reading was not an option - the attack was affecting my eye sight. It felt good, that the hands were still able to create something thus helping the spirits within me to stay up.

Procrastination, however, seems to be my middle name these days, so the finishing of the sweater has taken some weeks - but now it gets to go into the mail and surprise my friends.


Karen said...

I love the little bear buttons!

Birdie said...

I'm betting they are thrilled with it all. Who wouldn't be. Homemade from the heart.