Saturday, June 11, 2011

When Appearance Lures You Into Buying Something

Doesn't this can look awesome? Does it inspire your imagination with thoughts/dreams of Africa?

Yes. I admit it - the appearance of the can and the word rooibos lured meinto buying this rooibos vanilla tea - SLURP!! Luckily it is one of the best teas that I have ever tasted. So taking the chance buying the tea "just" by looking at it was soo worth it.

Yesterday I opened my mailbox for the first time in 1½ weeks and besides a lot of great cards from friends at PaperCraftPlanet's Anything Goes, my friend Claire Easson send me a box full of tea - 6 different flavours :o) She already knows that I have started slurping those, because one can never resist a nice cup of tea from an, until now, unknown brand.

When I was "talking" to Claire last night, while drinking tea, my eyes suddenly caught the teabags paper covers... wow those covers could be used in card projects. So litterally, the tea was fuel for creative thoughts.

Have a nice weekend all :o) 


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

This is a tasty post about the interesting tea :) Glad you like it...

Karen said...

Oh, what a gorgeous tea tin. I love Rooibos tea!

claire7q said...

Oooh, fame at last :)
So glad you like them, and you'll have to show us all whatever you do end up making with the wrappers. Keep well xxx

Petra said...

Anne, I love rooibos tea! Did you know they even make a rooibos cappucino here in south africa? Love it! and an added benefit is the fact that it contains no caffeine ;)
Glad you're enjoying a little something from my home country!