Sunday, June 12, 2011

Invasion of the Elephants

½ year ago, this blog was invaded by Happy X-mas a new invasion will occur on this blog.

Copenhagen, Denmark is having an Elephant Parade (it started June 1st) which lasts until August 25th - after the display, they will be auctioned away and money will be rasied to help the preservation of the elephants. The Elephant Parade started in Rotterdam in 2007 and has since been an event in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London.... Milano, Singapore, Istanbul and New York are just a few of the cities who want to share this cause with their citizens. Danish and international artists have the decorated 100 elephants now on display all over the city of Copenhagen.

My mission is to cature as many of the 100 decorated elephants as possible :o) Nice excuse to go for a walk accompagnied by my camera. There are an official store selling small replicas of the elephants - need to go there and get one of the elephants, that has intrigued me the most, and thereby supporting the cause.

Hope you will come along my walk through the city of Copenhagen, as I plan to post about one elephant per day until the parade ends :o)

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