Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Temporary Home City

This is where I am currently staying, when looking after the cats - Frederiksberg. Some might argue, that it is just a part of Copenhagen, but in reality it is one of the boroughs in Greater Copenhagen area. It is a little bit more expensive to live here, and if I could get my hands on an affordable appartment, I would seriously consider moving here.

They have a lot of small shops, that people from most of Copenhagen goes to, as they (besides nice things) also offers the best customer service and a sense of being welcome. They have time for their customers, which makes the customers want to return again.

Frederiksberg is also considered to be one of the country's green cities, as recycling is high on the agenda. Eg this appartment building has the following trash containers: 2 for domestic garbage, 1 for cardboard, 1 for aluminia, 1 for glass,  1 for paper and finally 1 for hard plastic. They found out, that they could reduce the size of the domestic garbage containers, as a lot could be put in some of the other containers - and it does involve that the garbage men comes by more frequently. It remains the original number of emptying the containers, just spread out on various items.

Last weekend, they had Frederiksberg Days, where lots of things was happing in the area combined with a night run (the route usually takes you through the lobby of one of the hotels = hotels guests in the bar are dropping jaws at this sight :o) ), markets etc. This years offical poster was made by the local Ole Lindholm, and I can not help thinking about the 60s when seing a poster like this, or something mendi (henna hand painting) inspired - a poster that makes you happy just by looking at it.

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