Thursday, September 15, 2011

Election Day

Today is election day in Denmark (my vote was cast last week, as I went through surgery earlier today) - it is the first election since the financial crisis, and this time it is more intense than ever: will we keep the current primeminister (right wing) or will we get the first female prime minister (left wing)?  I won't discuss politics in this post, nor will I reveal who got my vote.

This guy caused a lot of laughter on September 21st, 1994, when he got elected for parliament - mainly due to a lot of people either being fed up with the politicians back then or a signal to the other politicians to get more serious. His primary campaign pledge was: tailwind to the cyclists (bicycle) :o) By the way, his name is Jacob Haugaard and he is a comedian.

I believe that casting a vote is not only a citizen right - it is a duty even though you might not agree with any of the politicians, hence the possibity to cast a blank vote.


Karen said...

We are having a provincial election in a couple of weeks. I always vote even though there doesn't seem to be much of a choice with the present candidates.

I hope you are doing okay after surgery and will heal quickly.

Anne-Marie said...

Politics make me tired.....sigh....but I agree that we have a duty....especially as women voters....nuff said!
How's your sore bit doin'? Make sure you get enough rest....and heave that leg up in the air...but no shakin' it all about....haaaaaa!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Yes it is our duty to vote! It seems we all have the financial crisis