Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thought Association: Cakes

Whenever I encounter a Søstrene Grene store, I just have to go inside and look a the many nice and non-expensive items - often I don't buy anything but just the look of the happy colors and items in this store, and you are inspired.

These candles just screamed "Buy us!" - Price 15.94 DKK or just about 3 USD. Have contacted the first follower of my blog, since I don't have her address: She is going to teach cup cake classes, so thought this would be a fun little gift for her.

What else does these remind me of??! Well something I really hope I get to taste one day .... well next time when in England I guess :o)

The photo of the pops is borrowed from the scrumptious site of POP BAKERY - mouth watering site, and the incredible creations just want you to read post after post after post...........


Anne-Marie said...

Our daughter #2 (Gillian) makes these for her kiddles....and maybe I sneak one, now and again...ha!
They are such a lovely treat, and come in all kinds of guises.....I like her froggie ones!

Karen said...

Oh cake pops are always so cute, and yummy!

Petra said...

Never had a cake pop before...hmmm, i am missing out aren't I?