Monday, September 12, 2011

Dark Room

Sometimes it is hard not to get lost in a dark room - one looses the ability to look out the window and see life and opportunities.

It would not be true, if I said, that my MS never have an dark effect on me. Luckily I am able to drag myself to the windows. It does not occurs often, nor does it last long. When I end up in that dark room, it is usually due to something happening in my world that suddenly reminds me of the fact, that I do have MS.

Saturday I got lost and ended in that room again - 2 family members needs surgery, and one of them I did not know about until 2 days ago. Suddenly my little knee operation seems unimportant - and yet it will have a positive impace on me when done.

Late Saturday night I browsed through these pictures on my computer (taken during seightseeing a while ago), and yesterday I realised, that they are a mirror image of the thoughts I had during the weekend.


Birdie said...

We all have our version of a dark room. Happy you found the window ; 1:05 was not forgotten.

Karen said...

As long as you can get to the windows there is hope.
I really like the architecture in that last shot.

Anne-Marie said...

Birdie is right....some rooms take us longer to leave...but the light from the windows will always lead us into the sunshine again.
Don't be too hard on yourself....wish I could come and hold your hand. :D

Cole Meyer said...

Sending prayers. Even in your melancholy you manage to place it in context of art. You gave a poetic visual display of how you are feeling; I'm just glad that there are plenty of windows in those rooms.