Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome Home

Whenever I look after a house or an appartment, I always leave a welcome home card for the owners - sometimes the idea for the card is already in my head before I start that housesitting, other times I struggle a bit.

I just bought a stamp (no company mentioned on the stamp) and figured that it might be great looking on the die cut Rickety House by Tim Holtz, but as soon as I mounted the stamped and COPIC coloured die cut on designpaper with cats, I dismissed this idea..... the die cut looked ok...... but the background was way off.

The shape of the rickety house still lured in the back of my head - then came an idea. I enlarged the shape on a photo copier... the shape could be used on a iris-folding inspired card. The "frame" surrounding the house was originally white, but it seemed to "flat" - found my copics and had to decide which color to use. One of my friends saw this card before I placed it at the house and thinks the colouring adds an autumn-like-windy-feel to it.

Until now, I have said that the housesitting started 5 years ago - but my friend (that commented the card) corrected me with a big smile "But you and your ex-boyfriend housesat his parents house in '95 while they were on vacation.." I admit,I completely forgot about that and remember that we had to look out for 2-3 cats and the old grand parents living close by.

Ramling here.. and I "just" started this post to share how one idea lead to another :o)


Petra said...

Anne, I always love hearing your stories and your take on cards. Love the rickety look of the house :)

Karen said...

Nice, I like the gold you used for the house pattern.

Silver Strands said...

What a sweet idea - leaving a card! And I love the cute house.

Cole Meyer said...

Love your rickety house!!!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Wow you have housesat a long make beautiful cards:)