Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is Martha Stewart a NoNo-Name in the Crafting World??

For me Martha Stewart is a source of inspiration - I subscribe to Martha Steward Craft of the Day newsletter and have even bought some of the craft supplies available both online and in various stores. I have seen some of the ideas in the newsletters in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine, but since it is a but pricy locally, I opt for the emails.

I have saved some of the emails and added a lot of stuff to my must-do-someday-list and others have inspired ideas to cards etc. There is also special newsletters regarding Christmas etc. where you can get a lot of ideas regarding planning, decoration, food/drinks/baking etc

Maybe a must-do-someday-list sounds stressing, but it is nice to have some inspiration for a rainy day :o)

Make Your Own Garden Stool (Oh I seriously need a garden, but a great gift idea)

Make your own popsicles

Recycled Shutter Organizer

So there you have it - it is not a nono-world for me :o)

The pictures are from Martha Steward Craft of the Day newsletters.

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