Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knit, good woman, knit, knit!

Paid the hospital the monthly visit today - and I saw something, that I have not seen there before when getting the treament: two women were actually knitting - it made me smile and I wished that I would be able to do that while at the hospital. They were not fellow patients, but relatives supporting their loved ones while getting their treatment.

Watching that, and a line from somewhere popped into my head "Knit, good woman, knit, knit!".... and the more it spun in my head, the more curious I got: Where had I heard that originally? Who said it? .. The good helper was google. I laughed - from the tv-series FRIENDS, and said by Chandler Bing.... this is my all time favourite tv-show :o)

The picture is actually from two projects of mine (yep the colors are the same as in the blogpost with the granny square - the yarn was at hand then, when I decided to do that first crocheting) - and I recently found out, that it is not unusual for knitters, to have more than one project going at the time. Previously it would have freaked me out to have more than one unfinished project - but now I am relaxed about it :o)

Having read knitting mysteries by Maggie Sefton (Kelly and the Lampspun friends) and Sally Goldenbaum (the Seaside knitters), it makes more sense, that you are letting your mind work with all sorts of stuff, that has occupied your mind and subconcience. Yes running and walking can actually do that also, but sometimes I just need to sit and relax with a good cup of tea instead of being outside exercising (I use my bicycle to get to/from work, so I do get my share of exercise every day).

Back to the knitting projects. One of them is actually a summer top, but looking at the calendar: fall starts tomorrow, and it is already to chilly to wear a top outside - I have thus decided that that project is my long term project. The other one is a cosy sweater and I have gotten surprisingly far already, so that will be finished and used during the upcoming fall and winter.

Looking for the origin of the quote in my head, I stumpled over a blog, where a knitter is writing about her using a lot of airplane time knittin: I had no idea that knitting needles would even be allowed on a plane!! I travel a lot by air, but I have yet to see one knitting.... But hey, maybe that first one could just be me :o)

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Rosemary said...

I try to take some sort of project along with me to doctor's appointments or for tests to pass the time, they are also good conversation starters. I also know LOTS of crafters with several projects going at once!