Sunday, August 15, 2010

4 Simple Goals.... for 2010

Reading Oh, My Darling's blogpost sent shivers down my spine...

Why?! The other night I wrote in my journal, that my thoughts are spinning with soo many creative projects, that I don't know where to start.... guess I just needed someone to give me a litl' push in the right direction and make me transform my creative ideas/impressions into goals.

Her inspiration comes from this blog, where you can also find the "rules" - if you want to learn more you should look at that blog belonging to a very creative Elsie Flannagan.

Here goes:

1. Knit more...or doing something with yarn
Recently startet knitting again and is now ready to taggle bigger knitting projects - already have some ideas puzzling and even bought the yarn for some of them...Time to get started.... Crocheting is also veeeery tempting.

2. Use the camera more 
...and not just for pics supporting my blogposts. I need to learn to take quirky pictures, not just the usual "tourist shots" or portraits... maybe even something color-theme-something

3. Start using the sewing machine
...that I got from parent almost 6 years ago. Only used sporadic when I got it, but various patterns are too tempting...need to give it a try.

4. Baking and other "kitchen stuff"
Just a small portion of berries and you can make your own jam etc... And the price of bread is once again about to get more expensive. Once you get going, you enjoy the results afterwards