Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nihongo Futatabi

Japanese.... it has been a while since I have practiced anything in regards to that language, but now a chance has presented itself. When I first decided to learn it, it made my family wonder if I had lost my mind. At that time, I had already learned 4 languages (some more fluent than others) besides my native language :o) But when you want to learn something completely different, even involving learning new sets of signs instead of the Roman letters that we encounter at a very early age other peoples' worries becomes just that: their worries.
Just before classes started back then, there was a re-run of the tv-series "Shogun"- and suddenly everybody wanted to practice those few words, that they have picked up while watching it on TV. And looking closer at it, at lot of people these days are into something inspired from Japan: sushi, kokeshi dolls, kimonos, HelloKitty, manga cartoons etc.

So, maybe I am just a bit crazy when learning/practicing a language like Japanese, but it is also a way to explore more of the world. You do not "just" learn the language, you learn about the traditions, culture and history - this comes in handy when visiting any country in Asia, as you encounter similarities or something that has either made an impact on Japan or the other way around. Showing that you know something about Asian culture is often a door opener.

Yoi ichinichi o.

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