Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23rd - Rice Pudding

Rice pudding with a hvidtøl
The majority of families in Denmark will have rice pudding with small plumb of butter (in the center) and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar for dinner tonight. They will make a huge portion so that there will be leftovers - the leftovers are used for the dessert at Christmas dinner tomorrow night, where it is mixed with whipped cream, vanilla and almonds thus becoming ris à la mande. Both rice pudding and ris à la mande taste scrumptious, but my stomach will disown me, if I attemt to eat the dessert - buhu :o(

However there is another use of the rice pudding left overs, called klatkager (plumb cakes), that my stomach does accept. Rice pudding with some eggs, flour and vanilla added and then cooked on a pan just like one would create pancakes, these are just in a smaller version, and the taste resembles pancakes a lot.

Klatkager (plumb cakes) made from leftover rice pudding


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like seeing traditions of is interesting to see

Karen said...

Looks delicious! Merry Christmas!

Anne-Marie said...

Oh yum! I adore anything made with rice.....especially rice pudding....has to have a cinnamon skin left on...heehee.