Monday, December 26, 2011

Me Time

Let's just say, that me-time was needed today, as yesterday's events reminded me, why I have been travelling during Christmas the past two years. Me-time includes lots of Christmas movies, tea, Ben & Jerry ice cream and some Thai style food with the leftover turkey from Christmas Eve.

Have received a lot of Christmas cards this year - some of them I have mentioned on Paper Craft Planet, since they were sent from fellow members over there. However 3 cards stood out a bit - not necessarily because I cherish them more than the rest, that I received.....

From a colleague that usually never creates her own Christmas cards:

From Dori - the first swap partner I had on Fran's monthly teaswap - she has seen my blog about coffee cups (not posting there often, but intend to change that in 2012)

Look at this detail: when I opened the lid, I found a Christmas note a a teasample :o)

From Karen at Meadering...One Moment please, a fellow blogger with MS and also a passion for photography, I got this card:

When folded out it looks like this. Have always admired those cards and now I own one...snowflakes, poinsettias, red, green.... my kind of Christmas :o)

Hope that a lot of you have received a lot of cards from family and old friends, friends you might have met through the internet (blogging, creative sites etc.), colleagues or even from someone you have not heard from in a long time.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

All the cards are beautiful however Karen has a great talent...unique. Enjoy your ME time:)
I am being slow to blog because of ME time this week

ilove2write said...

Beautiful cards.. very nice.. I especially love well.. them all! lol..I guess you didn't receive my card yet.. I imagine it is somewhere wandering along in the mail.. I mailed it some time ago but you know how Christmas mail is.. and well International mail! lol.. I hope you get it soon.. I hope you have a great New Year as well and I thought of you the other day.. I have a MS blinkie for you.. I will have to send it through PCP or something in a message to you..I think you might like it ..Anyhow.. have a great day..Mel : )

Karen said...

Dori's card is so cute!