Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2nd - Christmas Cards

Until 2006, I purchased every Christmas card that I sent. Always scouted for nice cards when travelling, so my cards would not be the ones typically sold in Denmark.

If you have seen my blog before, you might know, that I now created every Christmas cars that I send to family, friends and colleagues. Think all of them would be utterly dissapointed if I ever returned to the store cards again - except if my MS was causing inability to create them.

Know that not everybody creates their own cards, so store cards are welcome in my mailbox at any time: it is the thought that counts :o)

This year I have already been blessed with 3 Christmas cards, all of them from abroad (yay just before I go travelling) which makes me smile when I spot them:

From Claire

From Ali

From Karen

Are they not wonderful? :o)

Struggling to get half of this years cards done before the shipping deadline to abroad addresses - especially since I will soon be travelling.


Karen said...

Oh they are all lovely! I am just finishing up my cards as well. Would you please email me your address again, I lost it.

Birdie said...

Lovely cards for a lovely lady. Can see your smile!

Anne-Marie said...

At the rate I'm going, it'll be February before anyone gets one from me...ha!

Karen said...

Glad you liked it Anne and happy that it arrived before your travels.

Don't worry Anne-Marie its a surprise to me that I was so organised.