Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey Ho, Time To Go

These are not my words, but words read on the second page in a biography I bought two days ago - a warm and exiting biography about a Danish tv journalist, which I will post more about within the next week or two. Went into the cinema yesterday morning, and during the credits at the end of the movie, those words just ran through my head.
Must admit, that I would honestly never have thought that this movie would have much more impact than "just" be a feel-good movie that would entertain me for two hours - making me forget about some bad news received during the weekend.

The movie made me realise, that I lately might have been a bit at a standstill - It was the first time in almost a year, that I went to the cinema (this weekend alone: 3 times!! :o) ) compared to 1-2 times a month previously - haven't seen a exhibition (art/photography) in more than 2 months = have missed some great ones *SIGH* ... and my work has lately put quite a damper on my mood and energy.... and my weight: have gained some kgs that needs to be eliminated.

So have already written down some premiere dates of movies, that I want to see - dates of some photo exhibitions coming to town soon - signed up for a "lecture" by the mentioned book's author etc - ' cause "Hey Ho, Time to Go" - and blog about it afterwards.


Karen said...

It's always good to get out and about if you can! I get a bit shack wacky in the winter.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

It is nice to get out...see movies