Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sherlock Holmes 2

When it comes to Sherlock Holmes, then I am totally sold, if there is a new tv-series, film etc. about the detective, that I believe most of us know either from a book or a movie.

So, I just had to wander to the nearest cinema and succomb into another world.... or in this case: time. One of my friends is quite upset with Sherlock Holmes being made into another movie, as there is only one Sherlock Holmes in her world, played by Jeremy Brett.

Well times are changing, and despite the fact ,that I like Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, I find Robert Downey Jr to be a good interpretation given that they have added some extra effects to the movie - and yet aren't those effects true to the time, when the movie is supposed to take place? They have "simply" adjusted to demand of extra special effects, to get a new generation to see the stories about Sherlock Holmes. Is it not good, that you can actually chose between various interpretations of the stories after your liking of genre?

When I saw the movie, a lot of the movie audience were actually some where from the mid 50s to the 70s - some of them accompagnied by younger generations of their families, all of them laughing just as much as the rest of us and also leaving the cinema with smiles on their faces. Is it not the point to go into the cinema to be entertained? And seriously, if you dislike the interpretation before even seing it, why be upset? Find some other movie that is more your liking and be happy, that there are movie genres for everybody to watch.

And me? Oh yes, I was one of those leaving the cinema with a smile on my face and happy that someone took his/her time once again to interprete those great stories writting by Sir Conan Doyle :o)

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buddy2blogger said...

Brett is definitely the most literal Holmes ever :)