Thursday, January 26, 2012

Something Blue - January Tea Swap 2012 - Part Two

Maybe you saw the tea swap, that I sent to Gill, on my blog this Monday but you should see what she sent me - and I received it Monday in my mail.

If you are thinking: "Did I miss her birthday?!", the answer is "No" - but this month's theme is celebrations. There are a lot of colors that I like, but blue is by far my favourite, so huge smile on my face when realising that the envelope contained more than a card and tea:

Creations made by Gill :o) The creativity in the group that Fran summons every month is incredible, and I am gratefull that a fellow crafter tipped me about these monthly swaps. Those earings are so delicate - and love how the pattern on the little picture matches the sachet - Thank you again Gill!! :o)


scrapnhawaii said...

Wow! Gill created a beautiful card! Did she handpaint it?

claire7q said...

I have that Pukka tea too! Vile stuff..... ;)