Sunday, January 15, 2012

Larry Crowne

When I comes to movies with Tom Hanks, then I am usually "sold" without even reading reviews. He is so diverse - but do not think that we will ever see him casted as a cruel person. In my book he is the James Stewart or Cary Grant of our time.

In the first minutes of the movie, he ia laid off from his job then entering an unknown future as unemployed. He is naturally shocked and is basically told, that since he did not have any other education than high school, then he was not in the line for promotion hence not somebody the store chain (an equivalent to WalMart etc) wished to employ. Looked for a job, but failing like so many others when there is a financial depression going on.

He remembers, that he was told that he lacks education and decides to look up a local college. Being a bit vulnerable by the situation, he is also open to some mind manipulation and is pushed into Julia Roberts' class by the college dean. He gets young college friends, since he is driving a vintage scooter and they see that there is something within Larry just awaiting to come out. He on the other hand, also in his way teaches some of the bewildered young college students about some aspects of life. Julia Robert's character, professor Tainot's immediate reaction to Larry being friends with some of the young students is, that he is probably after some "young ass", perhaps not realising that he is trying to fit in.

It is a comedy, but it also makes you think about a lot of aspects in your own life. How would you react, if you lost your job? Are you concerned, if you fit in or not? Are lifechanges overwhelmingly scary or do you face the changes with an open mind? Are your perception of people's actions openminded or judgemental?

Eventhough I felt good when leaving the cinema, those questions were on my mind, but not in a disturbing way. If you see the movie, you might recognise something about the humour, wit etc. - you will recognise Tom Hanks' fingertouch in it, but also Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Weeding), who is his co-writer on this movi - hopefully they will make another "joint venture" in the future :o)


Peace Be With You said...

I enjoyed this movie, too. Hanks and Vardalos managed to address serious issues without hitting us over the head with their weighty seriousness. That is the mark of authors who are really good at what they do.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I look forward to seeing this had a nice review of it