Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Warm Thought From A Fellow Blogger

Sometimes it is a bit scary how something arrives just at a moment, when it is needed - as if somebody had a vision of me needing just that :o)

Have encountered a lot of crafty women via the blogworld, and today I got this card from Rosemary, who had made me laugh and smile countless times reading her blog. When I walked to the postoffice to pick up my mail, I was actually thinking about the need of getting a thicker/warmer knitted hat, as temperatures are freezing at the moment during daytime and even worse during nights. Imagine my huge surprise when I found this next to the wonderful card (is that a doily or a doily die cut?):

A super-soft knitted hat, that is absolutely perfect for this cold weather - and it even breaks the spell of me usually having black knitted hats (guess it is a kind of comfort zone)... together with a lip balm, that is also very much needed in this type of weather.

Rosemary, guess you are smiling seeing this last photo........and the blue one is almost empty, and that is the only kind we can get here, so did not know there are types/flavours as well. Thank you soo much for this wonderful surprise, truly speachless here!! :o)

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Anne-Marie said...

I've been catching up with what you've been posting while I was don't seem to be your usual happy self, so I'm so glad that you got this beautiful card, lip balm and super hat!
Cheer up, my sweet friend....your photos are inspirational, original, and very much appreciated, as are all your posts....always something to inspire me, make me chuckle, or just remind me of how beautiful our surroundings can be, if looked at with wide-open eyes.
Get the woolly hat on (lovely colour, btw), slick on the lip balm, and keep snappin' those pics!