Saturday, May 26, 2012

Catching Up and Drinkin' Tea - Teahouses TeaSwap part 1

Whoops!! Do not think that working 84 hours within 6 days is doing any good for my health, so decided that today was only about doing relaxing things... and we have local holiday on Monday too, so plenty of time to catch up. Working that much results in catching up on 100+ emails, blogposts, weaved hearts etc. What kept me going during those 6 days was, that it involved seing people, that are usually a name in an email or a voice on the phone.

Josie called the 2nd swap at PaperCraftPlanet's Crafter's Tea Party with the theme: tea houses, and she my swap partner in this round. She send me this creation with 4 different kinds of teas - talk about eerie timing, since I had declared today as resting day, and with that comes the need for enjoying a (or more) good cup of tea.

The tag has a saying about memories, which is quite fitting as this swap has made me think of my own encounters with teahouses while travelling. Thanks for the swap Josie :o)

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Vicky said...

Great swap, isn't the little teapot charm, charming!