Friday, May 18, 2012

Me-Time and scones

Yesterday was all me-time as we had a local holiday - that included sleeping in late, staying in the pyjamas ALL day, crafting, reading and.... baking.

Was suddenly in the mood for scones, and luckily I had all the ingredients in my house. Thanks to Sweet Paul Magazine, I had a recipe, that is super easy so follow .... LOL .. yes they got a little dark, the curse of suddenly not being able to find the oven gloves, and it only takes a splitsecond for the golden color to turn brown... but they taste scrumptious :o)

It was so much me-time yesterday, that I did not realise they they were finished in the oven at 8 PM, so skipped dinner and had a scone instead. It was just what I needed, and "just have to survive" one day at work and then weekend calls.

Everything seems more rush-rush these days - more fast-food or easy-cook meals are sold over the counter, 90% carries a mobile phone with them (yes I long back to the days where a phone was attached to the wall with the cord or if you wanted to call somebody when on the street, you had to use a payphone - work, family and friends had to wait until you were close to a phone, which usually was no problem), and old fashioned letters in your mailbox seems a million years ago. Since technology takes over more and more things and it is mobile, people can easily be stressed by having to be available more.

Believe that most people really should have a me-day, like I chose to have yesterday, and de-stress.... Know lots of people that would freak out over that thought, since they can not stand to spend a day for themselves: they have to be in the company of friends/family or at least have multiple phonecalls during the day, as they hate the thought of being alone. My "batteries" got fully re-charged, so I am ready to face the fast-moving world again.


Vicky said...

Oh! a me day, how I long for one, but until Sonny grows up or hubby takes him away for a while I can only grab a few "me hours" lol and boy do I enjoy them.
Scones look yummy.

Karen said...

The scones look yummy. I like them on the brown side, then the outside is crisp. I think "down time" is really important. Unplug the tv, turn of the cellphone, step away from the computer and just relax.

Petra said...

Oh Anne, I couldn't agree more with you! Down time in the form of 'ME' time is a luxury so many of us take for granted. You are so spot on with the technological 'advances' that are the main factor for us neglecting ourselves.
Glad you got some crafting and baking in, I'd love a day in my pyjamas :)

Anne-Marie said...

Sounds like pure bliss.....something I can only dream about......sigh. Glad you had the opportunity, though!