Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Tim Burton Week

There is just something in the quircky world of Tim Burton movies that has me captured - soo wanted to go to MoMA in New York when they had a Tim Burton exhibition, but sadly neither time nor money to go. They had some of his sketches for movie sets etc on display.

I have just become member of the local Cinemateque that is showing old movies - old as in no longer running in the ordinary cinemas.... and the first one I had to see was "Mars Attacks!" - saw it shortly after it came out on the plane to New York and have loved it ever since.... even have it on DVD, but have always wanted to get the chance to see it on the big screen... there were some details that I have never seen before simply because a tv size screen does not show it properly - I checked when I got back to my house.

This movie is brandnew, so went to the ordinary cinema to see it. Apparently it is based on a tv-series, never seen it so can not compare. Just imagine a vampire being out of the loop for almost 200 years and then encountering the 70's on acid - well the vampire is not on acid but it seems like the surroundings are - and a fun encounter with MacDonalds....loved that joke. A lot of the media here has not given the movie good revies, ok not one of Burton's best movies, but it is not as bad as they make it to be - wondering if they are really trying to see it the Burton way, because then they would have been laughing too. One of the most fun things is when the vampire is reciting 70s lyrics like they were some of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Ahhhh.... "Sleepy Hollow" also in my DVD collection and another of his movies, that I had never seen on the big screen. It is a Halloween movie - not that it takes place during Halloween but a good film you get you in the Halloween mood. The story is rich in characters, the surroundings, the myths, the dislike of new thinking instead of the old ways etc. Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) is a New York police man that is sent off to Sleepy Hollow to find a murderer, as the New York law enforcers finds his methods to extreme - and suddenly he finds himself in the mist of The Headless Horseman's terrifying hunt of some of Sleepy Hollows citizen's.

Just a thought: The person who chose the front page of The Danish Film Institute's May program, have he/she seen "Sleepy Hollow"?! Honestely having seen this movie lots of time I don't think it is fitting that a movie still from the movie on the front page should be in colors, it should rather be in black and white. Again just my opinion.

Politiken (Danisk daily newspaper) captured Tim Burton on the front page of their movie section

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