Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sigh..... They Changed It :o(

Yes, I know: Sometimes change is good. But not this change!!! Last autumn I found the liqurice cupcake at Agnes, that was scrumptious, and it soon became my after-MS-treatment-treat so sweeten my day.

They have changed the way how they frost this cupcake (see link to old post with previous look above the photo) and it actually totally changes the taste of the whole cupcake. After I found out this Monday, I asked a friend (who also loved this flavour) to check out the new version and she called me up immediately, asking me if I too thought that it tastes differently now. We both believe that the old frosting-way allowed the liqurice taste to seap into the cupcake, now it seems like two seperate parts, where the cake does not quite fit the topping.

Buhu!! They have spoiled my monthly favourite treat after the visit to the hospital, so now it is back to Ben&Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dought ice cream.


claire7q said...

Don't mess with the cupcakes! Such a scandal! I think you should tell them to go back to the old way of making the frosting, or maybe they just ran out of it and improvised?

Vicky said...

I hate it when people mess with a favourite. The photo looks good though. :)

Karen said...

Hate it when that happens - made me think of a show I have just started watching called "Two Broke Girls" and their fledgling cupcake business and the antics they get up to.