Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photo Exhibit: The Flatlands Camp Project

Photo by Adam Jeppesen

A while ago I went to see the photo exhibit: The Flatlands Camp Project at The National Museum of Photography. Did not know what to expect, but was surprised by Adam Jeppesen's photos.

Imagine this: Spend 487 days walking from Arctic to Anarctica through South- and Northamerica alone - that is, the only constant company you have, is your camera. Could imagine the possibility of encountering some interesting places and people and yet still sensing the feeling of solitude on a journey like that.

He is playing with his camera, getting some wonderful deepts into the photos, and it is not only the camera that is a "victim" of his play - he had cut off a large picture of one of his photos into smaller pieces and then put them back together with lots of needes, thus creating a 3D-like effect. His play simply fuels the spectator's imagination :o)

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Birdie said...

Love the photo above. Can only imagine what your mind was creatively racing with after seeing.