Friday, May 11, 2012

You've Got Mail

Well that is the title of one of my favourite movies, but also what immediately popped into my mind when I saw the sketch challenge from Panduro Hobby - though not email but real mail.

What if...someday??!! Guess that is one of the curses when you love paper craft: you simply can not part with small pieces of scraps from other creations, as they might just come in handy some day. Found a template, that I purchased a long time ago in Panduro Hobby and had to downsize it with the help of the scanner/photocopier, so I ended up with just the right size.

I know how much I enjoy getting real mail in my mailbox and think the intended receiver of this card does too - just might attempt to do an extra couple of these cards with different sentiments, as it could be used for lots of occations.


Vicky said...

They are really cute envelopes. The colours are great.
Happy Saturday!

Karen said...

Oh I love this!! I like anything in miniature. What a great idea.

Rosemary said...

This is delightful, I love the idea and wouldn't it be fun to put in birthday wishes for the recipient into all those envelopes?