Monday, May 14, 2012


Yesterday at noon two tall Danish building,  that had been in the Copenhagen suburb Rødovre since the 50s, were demolished. The first time that two apparment buildings have been blown up like that in our little country.

Ruskær 2003

For me it was wierd watching the TV broadcast of the event, since one of the buildings are very much part of childhood memories. Some of my parents friends lived on the 10th floor, and I have spent many weekends there, when my parents were going to see some relatives in other parts of the country. Later when I moved from my parets house, I continued paying regular visits as they have been like family to me.

The man died years ago and, when the health deteriated for the lady, she moved to another part of the country and is now living at a nursery home - we still keep in touch. Wonder what goes into the minds of previous tennants, that had moved out of the buildings before the owners and authorities deemed it unsafe to live there (restoration would be too costly hence the decision to demolish the buildings)?


Vicky said...

It's amazing how they can drop a large building like this as tidily as that.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

It is neat to watch these tall buildings fall like it did. Kinda sad too