Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to the 80s

Ever had a song on your mind, that won't go away? Even having your colleagues stare at you because you are humming that song?

When Huey Lewis was the news
When we went flying with Tom Cruise
When shoulderpads and looking tough
Lost a dare to David Hasselhof

To many men with heavy makeup on
To many poodles with guitars
Thanks for all the joy you've given us
You will always be our superstars

"Back to the 80s"
Those words has been in my head all day long - occatinally also making me laugh remembering some of the following:

- Scrungees in a vast variety of colors (the bigger the better) in your hair
- Hair slides with a big bow on it
- Shoulder pads
- Movies like "Breakfast Club", "TopGun", "Ghostbusters", "Back to the Future", "Big", "Working Girl" (that's were the picture is from)
- "MacGyver" and "Miami Vice" on tv

Hmmm.... better go home and put one of those movies in my DVD player :o)

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Melanie's Randomness said...

I love the 80's! Working Girl is one of my all-time fav movies & so is Ghostbusters. I wish I was older so I could remember more of the 80's except the matchy matchy clothes. Everything had to match! hehe. I've never heard of that song by Aqua. I'm totally downloading it later when I go home! =)