Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Permanent Make-Up...? No thanks!

I have been approached by one of my friend's relatives, who has her own business - the product is: permanent make-up. But isn't permanent make-up just another word for tatoos? This theme is also discussed the the October 2010 issue of O (Oprah) Magazine (page 126).

One of the sales pitches is: "You don't have to worry about your make-up, whenever you wake up in the morning, because it is already done!" - Ok that is actually a scary thought: what if you had been able to choose permanent make-up in .. lets say.. 1980s? My horror picture of makeup could be something like Joan Cusack's make-up in Working Girl... that kind of heavy make-up may have been in then, but now? And how do you define classic, if you want to have a permanent classic look?

Tatoos have been really hype for years - but lately I know more and more people that are having theirs removed...

I never forget one of my friends shouting "Give me one of these!" when we saw "Fifth Element" at the local cinema and the character Leeloo got a hold of an automatic make-up applier.....

Just maybe such a gadget is not too far stretched, and just think of the re-programming abilities in order to comply with fashion, trends etc. ? Then you really do not have to worry about the time needed before the mirror every morning either.

Until then, I will rather stand in front of my mirror every morning to fix the make-up ... tatoos are not my thing, whatever shape they may have.

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