Friday, October 22, 2010


There is one store locally I cannot pass without going "just looking" .... ok who am I kidding - I usually end up buying something, hence my need to make a detour sometimes simply to avoid it :o) Oh darn, now I can also find it at an airport, where I often have to kill time.

They sell Pilgrim jewellery - one of my weak spots. I have several rings and necklaces from Pilgrim (think I bought my first piece in 2003), but the piece currently around my neck has been there for the past 2½ years, not likely to be changed to something else anytime soon. The latest passion is charms for a bracelet... and I just browsed their website... really shouldn't have done that!!

I already own a silver Buddha charm and a pink/gold scooter charm - both relating to something I love, but now I spotted a pink handbag charm, a pine cone charm and a deer charm and a.... uhu! Hopefully I don't see them in a store anytime soon, as I will just have to buy them - LOL :o) There are other charms, that I find nice - but they are not something shouting out my personality, which they need to do if I am to wear them.

Now, what is your weak spot, when it comes to something girly...??

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