Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gorillaz On The Run

Litterally on the run :o)

When you see a couple of running gorillas with run racenumbers in fronts you think that someone lost a bet or a weird sense of humor at a bachelor party. Then you see a couple more... and another one... and another one.... what the heck is going on? Have the Londoners gone totally gaga?

I found out that I was witnessing the yearly event The Great Gorilla Run - and soo glad I brought the camera that day... it is one of those moments you have a hard time telling other people about without the support of pictures :o)

Every time, I am in New York City, I have to go to the Top of the Empire State Building - and when I spot King Kong, I have the biggest smile on my face remembering my very first visit to the Observatory Deck: I was enjoying the view, when somebody (or should I say something) laid a hand on my shoulder.... a black hairy hand... I flew several feet backwards as I was spooked... and when I saw KingKong, I started laughing so much that tears ran out of my eyes. The guy in the custome apologized but I could tell hime with the greatest smile, that would be an experience that I would never forget....

Speaking of gorillas or should I say Gorillaz - watch this video, and I hope it will generate a smile on your face - I really enjoy their cartoon videos :o)