Sunday, October 10, 2010


If you are an animal lover ..... own (an) animal(s)... always looking out for a smile (shaped as a comic strip) to brighten your day - I hope you are already acquainted with these two fellas, Earl the dog and Mooch the cat :o)

Everyday I get a Mutts strip in my e-mail (two weeks after the strip is published in newspapers) and usually it generates a big smile on my face - including colleagues if I find that it is something just like them.. I even own a couple of the comic books, as some of them comes to mind over and over again.

When people tell me, that animals can not have a personality - I usually show them just a few Mutts comic strips to convince them... it works: "Oh I know a cat that is just like that" - "That could be my sister's dog!". Comments like these after seeing the Mutts strip just confirms the personality issue.

The cartoonist Patrick McDonnell is an advocate for animal shelters - supporting them via his little strips urging people to remember/consider animals at shelters needing a caring, loving home to live in.

One of the quote on the websites front page is what I usually do when blogging.....

Let your mind wander
Alfred Hair

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