Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making It My Own...

As mentioned in my blogpost the other day, I was challenged to take something that I like and make it my own..... Well I contemplated about "making it my own" for days, until I realised that my creative mentor meant, that I should do a creative project with yarn, inspired by something I like and then personalise it....

A while ago I knitted some wrist warmers - and I soon realised that I needed more of those. It has already started getting cold, so that was my starting point. Just after knitting the wrist warmers, I came across Sandra Juto's shop with wristworms.... I got a pair looking just like this, and I have already worn them several times, as it is already pretty cold in the morning.
Well back to my little project - inspired mainly by Sandra's creations I looked in my How-To-Knit-and-Crochet handbook and found a pattern, that I could not resist... Then came an additional challenge: To learn how to make that pattern, as I have only crocheted one thing in my life.. and that was just a couple weeks ago.... Why did I feel like jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool without being able to swim?

Actually quite happy about my result - it took a lot of "test-runs".... I did 6 trials before I even liked what I was doing: almost finished with one and then -"Nah!" have to re-do it.... gently unravel it as it was quite expensive yarn (cashmere), that I played with. And they are one of a kind = am not going to re-do it.... so if you want some of your own wrist warmers I can highly recommend Sandra's Wrist Worms :o)

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