Saturday, October 23, 2010

October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Everywhere you go this month, you will see the pink ribbon in various shapes - all of them signalling the same thing: breast cancer awareness month.

Usually, when I blog, I write about MS - but sadly breast cancer has affected my family. My mum survived breast cancer a few years back, which scared a lot of us. Luckily she did not have chemotheraphy, but had radiation treatments instead.....

A few years later, I discovered 5K-run Race For Life 2007 in London organized by Cancer Research UK, and I knew, that I had to spend one day of my vacation participating. I travelled with one of my friends, and it was no trouble persuading her to join this race as well - cancer has also affected her family. Somebody may find it odd to do such a thing while on vacation - but I got to see the lovely Hampstead Heath, where a lot of scenes in UK movies are filmed.

Some of you may even remember, that I supported Silver Strands giving hope to her mum, when she pledged for help to make a thousand paper cranes. Yes it was a challenge for me - but since cancer has been paying my family a visit, I could not resist to send some hope from my location.

My pledge to all of you - support the research/fight against breast cancer! I am sure that you can find a local initiative, that will support the cause. If not and you live in the US - there are a lot of suggestions in October issue of O Magazine.....

I myself have purchased a bracelet from a local campaign this year - The pink ribbon in top picture was a purchase the same year, that my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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