Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ginger - The Root

Previously, I only thought of ginger as an ingredient in Asian food, but lately it has luckily become much more than just an ingredient. Especially these cold winterdays (and it is only getting colder and colder)it has become one of my daily to-do's to: drink a cup of ginger tea.

I got this wonderful tip, that strong Ginger tea could help to "kill" a cold approaching - and it worked wonders a day, where I thought, I was seriously gonna end up in bed with the worst cold ever. Because of my generally weak immune system, I am always having a lot of colds in the winter time, and so far I prevented one from getting ugly.

I have heard, that ginger also helps preventing car and plane sickness. Never been affected by either one of them, but decided to suggest ginger tea to a friend always dreaded going long trips by car - I got a goodie bag with crafting items from her, since my tip worked wonders for her.

People in Asia, have known for years, that ginger is one of natures wonders when it comes to natures own medicine. I am dependent on medicine, so I embrace every chance to use something natural (as long as it works) - but being very picky about what kind of nature medicine, that I want to use.

When I decided to make today's blogpost about ginger, I searched with web for cool drawings of ginger - I came across Val Webbs blog. WOW - I wish I could draw like that!! Hmmm... I went to a drawing class a long time ago, maybe I should pick it up again... or in the mean time look for the portfolio I created way back then. Go to Val's blog and see her entry about ginger.


Scientific Housewife said...

I don't use ginger ever but I probably need to!

Rosemary said...

Ah, I enjoy using ginger in cooking. My husband and sister are crazy for candied ginger, I find it more of an acquired taste!

Glad that it helped you stave off illness!