Friday, October 8, 2010

Can a Movie Really Inspire you??

I should be sleeping now - or maybe doing other things on my have-to-do-list instead of blogging.... have to get up earlier tomorrow (or it it today?) to make a card to a colleague.

I just saw "Letters to Juliet" on DVD, and I just had to write about it - not the movie, but the thoughts it generated.... no wonder part of my blog's sub-headline is "Random thoughts just put out there...."

Well my old innovation professor would call my string of thoughts, association technique... but here goes... all inspired by a chick-flick I soo needed after having had a troublesome day.

Just the title made me think of "Romeo & Julie" and of course Shakespeare, one of the worlds greatest writers... or was he? Hmmmm.... been reading way to many books with different theories on that subject andstill does not know, what to believe.

Everywhere I looked, it was if as the world could only speak about writing: this movie, the fact that they handed out the Nobel Prize of Litterature today, that the heroine in todays movie wants to be a writer, that one of my favorite magazine announced a writing competition today...

Do you believe in signs? I mean, it can all be coincidental...?!

She is searching... in the movie.... Claire is searching for her long lost love Lorenzo and Sophie is searching to refind her passion for writing... and the rewards are so much more than the initial searches.

And I just realised... Maybe I have been looking for something without even realising it? I think that the writing competition is a challenge, that I have to do.... I do not expect to win... But it is simply to try to accomplish writing that story and feel good about it.

Maybe I am rambling and it is getting late.... but time to take a dive into the deep end of the pool and see if I can reach the edge of the pool :o)

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Rosemary said...

I hope that you do take all of these things you've run across as signs and go for it! I have a lot of fears and apprehension myself but we need to work ourselves out of such things and just try. I hope that you do, it sounds like work but all good things require effort.

By the way, I saw that movie as well and loved it. I thought is was very positive and sweet and gentle.