Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To Sweeten A Day

The other day I went to see a photo exhibit, that had excellent reviews in various newspapers, but only to get really dissapointed. I am sure that those photos are great, but did not get to see them as the access to that "gallery" was an obstacle: Either a ladder or impropmtu stairs made by wodden pallets, each step 3 pallets high. Got halfway up when my newly operated knee refused to go any further :o(

On my way home, I passed a cupcake place, that I have wanted to try for a few weeks now - and since I did not get to spend entrance fee on the exhibit, I exhanged the ticketmoney with two cupcakes.... it was my vacation time, so a little extra would not hurt.

When you buy the cupcakes to-go, it is no problem as you get them in a box like this at Agnes.

There were two kinds of cupcakes, that caught my attention, so why settle with just one :o)


Italian Almond

Two cupcakes in my place last... two days :o) And they were scrumptious!! I do not usually treat myself with cakes, so not worried about my weight, and eventhough they were heavenly I will not stop by very often. By only doing it once in a while, they remain more special.


Petra said...

Ooh! yum! Anne, i love cupcakes! We even had cupcakes as our wedding cake :) looks like they were delicious, the almond one makes my mouth water*

Birdie said...

Two cupcakes,lasting two days? Unheard of at my house. Would set record if lasted two hours. They do look scrumptious.

Karen said...

Oh yummy, they wouldn't have lasted more than an hour here!

claire7q said...

I do believe I would need to know the exact sizes and weights of the aforementioned cupcakes before I could comment on exactly how long they would last....