Friday, September 21, 2012

A Fatal Fleece

Latest Seaside Knitters mystery book is "A Fatal Fleece". One of Seasides's grumpy old men, Finnegan, is fighting for his prperty, when some wants to get a big piece of his land. A New York teenager, Gabby, arrives to Seaside and turns out to be quite a refreshing surprise. She is Birdy's grand daughter and despite being a city girl she quickly adapts to Seaside and easily makes a lot of friends, incl. Finnegan.
Finnegan is found dead in his yellow fleece (given to him by one of the Seaside knitters) and they suddenly get involved in a new murder mystery. Yarn must be running in the veins of Gabby, as she has made her own crocheted beanie and is persuaded to learn local teenagers to create their own beanie.
Will they unravel the mystery about why Finnegan was dead?
Once again, Sally Goldenbaum's description of the scenery places right in the middle of Seaside, as if we have lived there our entire life, spiced up with a new murder mystery to solve. Another good read :o)

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