Saturday, September 29, 2012

Remember Me?

Read Judy's haiku poem this morning and started thinking about a book I read last weekend. Then I went to the mirror and looked at myself: If I took a ride with a time machine 20 years ago to present day, would I be able to recognize me? Maybe it is a good thing standing at a mirror and ask: Who are you? A lot of dreams did not happen, other things took their place and helped form who I am now.

What if you had an accident, woke up at the hospital and find out, that you have "lost" some years of your life? Would you worry that you might be a female version of Jason Bourne - sort of a "Long Kiss Goodnight" woman? Will you know who to trust, familiar and unfamiliar persons, that you are apparently close too? The reflection in the mirror is a new version of you, but are you really that person?
When Lexi wakes up, she suffers from memory loss, and does not recognise her own husband. She is approached by helpfull friends etc. but can she really trust them? She finds out, that she is suddenly director... How did she get to that position?

Sophia Kinsella's writing makes you put down the book once in a while, as your mind starts wander around your own life... and then you want to pick it up again, for what happens to Lexi next?


Judy at Peace Be With You said...

Thanks for the link. The book sounds intriguing.

Anne-Marie said...

Anne, I read this a little while ago....we really do seem to have the same tastes..hahaa....and thought it was a really intriguing premise.....lots of food for thought.