Friday, September 7, 2012

The Keeper of Lost Causes

"The Keeper of Lost Causes" - hmmm funny title in my mind, as the original title is "Kvinden i buret" which translates to "The Woman in the Cage". Having said that, I am happy to see that they have started to translate Jussie Adler-Olsen's department Q books into English so people fond of a good mystery/crime novel can read his books.
After reading the first book, I was hooked, and I did not start reading his book until the 3rd book in the department Q series was published - later on a 4th has been published, and can not wait until 2013 where a movie based on the first books opens in Danish cinemas. Most of the fans of this series started speculating who was to portrait Carl Mørch, the police detective in the book, when rumours about the movie started - but I think that he is in good hands, as Nikolai Lie Kaas is to play him (If you have seen the movie based on dan Brown's "Angel and Demons", then you have actually seen the actor).
So if you like a good crime story and want to get a little Danish twist, then I can highly recommend these books.


Anne-Marie said...

Not familiar with the author,but seems like it may be my kind of a good thriller! I'm off to google him...thanks for the tip!

Vicky said...

Thanks for the recommendation, another thing we have in common as I too love trillers. Will have a look out for his work.