Monday, September 10, 2012

Cast On, Kill Off

The latest book from Maggie Sefton, which I read during my vacation 2 months ago.

Kelly and her knitting friends at the House of Lambspun once again find themselves in the presence of a murder mystery. A local seamstress, Zoe,s is making a wedding dress for one of Kelly's closests friends, and it soon becomes obvious that Zoe is a victim of domestic abuse. They help her get away from the violent husband, but a few days later, she is murdered. The husband is the primary suspect, but what seems obvious may not be that obvious after all.... time for Kelly and friends to use their "little grey cells".

It ended up being a somewhat scary reading. During the first part of my vacation I paid daily visits to a family member admitted to a nearby hospital for surgery. The patient next to her, had been a victim of domestic abuse and was in a lot of pain. One day her husband showed up at the hospital, demanding her to go home with him. Her mind was apparently determined to get a better life, so she refused - and he left the hospital yelling at everybody.
We did not ask her about it, and the staff let her heal and sleep as much as she needed, and a week went by before she was offered theraphy. Think the healing both made her stronger physically and mentally thus prepared for the theraphy and changes that are needed in her daily life - gradually we saw small smiles on her face and think it was comfortable for her, that we did not ask any questions about her situation but instead talking about nice things.
Wierd how fiction sometimes "meet" reality - then again, fiction is often inspired by reality. I just hope that the lady at the hospital gets a new start for a brighter future.



Vicky said...

How thoughtful of you not to question. Giving her time to heal and enjoy talking about "nicer things" helped her much better.
Hope your relative has recovered.

Anne-Marie said...

Sounds like my kind of book....will look for this one.
I visit a womens refuge, once a month, to take packs of toiletries that the women of my church donate.....these women just need somebody to keep them in a safe place, and, as you say, time to heal. That lady will remember your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Anne-Marie said...

By the way....I got the "all clear" for my breast cancer today!