Saturday, September 1, 2012

Card Galore

During my absence from the blogging and the crafty universe, my PO BOX has been smiling big - you know big as in ear-to-ear smiles. Now, maybe you think that I have gone ga-ga due to all the meds, that I had to take to du endure the pain caused by the accident. But no, I call all the cards I received during this period as smiles.
The cards made me smile as they were created by friends, that I have gotten to know through blogging, PaperCraftPlanet and tea swaps - sentiments, small notes and the creativity lifted the mood immensly, for which I am grateful.Thank you ladies :o)
Smiles are more powerful than any other meds, as you momentarily forget your painful situation - and as if somebody replaced your batteries, so you regained the strenght to continue getting back to normal. This is also the reason why, you might have noticed that some of my older posts had the subject "Because I can", where I have created a card for somebody who became ill as per request from someones wanting to cheer up friends or family members.
Here are the cards, that made me smile:
EssexGirl send me this - she is my secret pal for 2012 over at Anything Goes on PaperCraft Planet

This one is from Claire "Ace" Easson, our reporter at the weekly news for ladies with secret pals over at Anything Goes on PaperCraftPlanet

Claire "Frenchi" Boudreau made me this card - famous for her glitter bombs at Anything Goes on PaperCraftPlanet, but she was gentle with me, so the fancy glitter is beautifully mounted on the card

Mary Gregor from at Anything Goes on PaperCraftPlanet made this, seriously think that she should send her CV to "Ace" and make weekly weather forecasts in the weekly newsletter, as like her forecasts ;o)

Did you know that hugs can come in a box? Our Fearsome Leader aka Cole Meyer at Anything Goes on PaperCraftPlanet sent me this.

Almond Rocha (a lady with a secret identity from the Secret Pal group over at Anything Goes on PaperCraftPlanet) send a bunch of blue flowers

Cathy Rickard (Anything Goes on PaperCraftPlanet) used teabag folding techniques to create this card

Josie Hancock (Anything Goes on PaperCraftPlanet) created this card, which turned out to be challenging: How to open a pop-up card with one hand ;o)

Cole Meyer was on a mission, so this is the second card from her

Wonder if Cindy  (Anything Goes on PaperCraftPlanet) knows that I love rubber ducks? :0)

Karen sent me this, she has recently bought a Sizzex and already masters the use/combo of dies and embossing folders. Karen, when seing Cindy's card, you know why I laughed out loud when I spotted the goodies you sent along with your card ;o)

All the way from Hawaii, this greeting arrived from Fran - enclosed was something that gets a seperate post in one of the coming days.

Cole Meyer gets the final entry with her 3rd card for me - seing that girl I am reminded to be patience about getting the arm back to normal.
Must not forget to say THANKS for emails and blog comments as well, since all you ladies took the time to send me nice words.

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