Sunday, September 30, 2012

My First Clematis

Ok just look a little bit closer at the picture....See anything different??? What if I told you, that you can eat this clematis? Hmmm native Americans used it as a remedy against migraines so maybe I should look into it? Ahmmm but do not think that the above clematis would help much against migraine as it is made of gumpaste :o) I created it by the way.
Took a course today and learned how to make gumpaste clematis - hours of fun and creativity.. a course I signed up for while my arm was hurting the most in order to have something new to look forward to. Below clematis is the one that out teacher, Tanja Hansson, created to show us how to make them.


Karen said...

Oh wow...I thought they were real!!! Excellent work.

Cole Meyer said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You can't ever tell the difference between yours (and your instructor's) from the real thing. Wonderful job!

Vicky said...

Wow, they look so real, just out of season(for here in Ireland anyhow).
Glad to hear you arm is still improving.

claire7q said...

That is truly amazing!